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Cruise to Selkä-Sarvi island with Perämeren Jähti

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Welcome on board to admire the beautiful Bothnian Bay National Park with its many islands. Bothnian Bay National Park is situated on a land uplift coast. During the last Ice Age continental glaciers pressed a depression into the Earth's crust, which was hundreds of metres deep. To this day the bottom of this depression is slowly rising to reach its original level. For this reason the Earth's crust lifts an annual 9 mm in the Bothnian Bay. The National Park's oldest island rose from the sea 1000 years ago.
Selkä-Sarvi island is located 18 km from Kemi and Tornio. There is a 1 km long Nature Trail going throught the island and an old fishing base at the South end of the Island.

Available: 8.8.2020 at 9-18
Departure: Kemi inner harbour at 9:00, address Rantabulevardi 7, 94100 Kemi
Travel time about 3 hours / direction
Price: 75 € / adult, 55 € / child 1-12 years, free of charge child under 1 year
Includes: The cruise, salmon soup and a guided tour