The talent and co-founder, a former harbour docker and crime journalist Riku Rantala was elected not only as the media person of the year but also Finland's sexiest man in 2014. Rantala and the co-founder, director & mastermind Tunna Milonoff have reached huge mainstream audiences by creating, developing and producing meaningful & rich factual content with their curious and frantic journalistic take. In 2017 they were given The Speaker of The Year Award for their inspirational keynotes.

This year misters Rantala and Milonoff are filming the fourth season of their hugely successful travelling show Madventures. However, this time we will see something completely different from previous seasons introducing viewers to jungle tribes and faraway places across the globe: the whole season will be based in Finland! Riku Rantala and Tuomas Milonoff will give us insight on why travelling in your own home country is now so popular and trendy thing to do.